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Keloid Review

I wanted to share my very positive experience with Dr. Day. I recently underwent a keloid removal procedure that I’ve had for almost two years. The consultation was very informative, where Dr. Day walked me through the entire process of the removal procedure and post-op care, and ensured would be comfortable throughout the whole process. […]

Dr. Day Review

After giving birth to 4 children, I was left with excess hanging skin and belly fat that would not go away with all my dieting and exercise. Dr. Day skillfully performed a abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) that gave me a flatter stomach and tightened my abdominal wall. I was very impressed with the outcome of the […]

Torn Earlobe Review

Dr Day repaired my torn ear lobe that split opened and had to be stitched back together again. My experience with his care was very positive. He and his office staff were professionally friendly, I received care at my scheduled time, no long waits and pain-free. It took several visits to stitch up my split […]

Torn Earlobe Review

Dr. Day helped repair my torn earlobes. After years of wearing heavy earrings, I basically had gauged earlobes. Dr. Day was very helpful explaining what the process would entail. He was also very patient and comforting as I am quite queasy around needles. It’s been a few months since my final appointment with him, and […]

Keloid Scar Review

I had a keloid scar that I really hated. The dermatologists blew me off. Dr. Bakshandeh gave me the pros and cons of what I could realistically expect and I chose to have him take care of it. It worked out very well and now I barely have any scar at all. Luckily, Insurance covered […]